Employee & Intern Recruiting Resources

Below are a list of ways and platforms to post about employment and internship opportunities at your organizations. Follow the steps listed to start finding the right interns and employees for you!

Colleges & Universities

Occidental College:

Occidental College offers employment services as well as an internship program for its students. The best way to recruit interns and/or employees is through the College’s job portal called TIGERlink. This tool allows employers to manage postings and collect applications from current Oxy students and graduates. Follow the link to get started on TIGERlink! For more information about recruiting at Occidental College, click here.

University of Southern California:

USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy has just created a new graduate program: Masters in Nonprofit Leadership & Management. The program is designed both for those with several years of work experience in the nonprofit sector as well as those intending to embark on their career in this area. The best way to recruit interns and/or employees is through the Price School’s job portal called PriceNet. This tool allows employers to access students and graduates of the Masters in Nonprofit Leadership & Management program. Follow the link to get started on PriceNet! For more information about recruiting students from the Price School of Public Policy, click here.

University of California, Los Angeles:

Luskin School of Public Affairs

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs has opportunities that can bring skilled and engaged students to your organizations through projects and internships. In order to post an internship or job opportunity, please contact UCLA Luskin Director of Career Services Michelle Anderson at manderson@luskin.ucla.edu.

Azusa Pacific University:

To access students and graduates from APU, head to the University’s Career Network here! Click on “For Employers,” create an employer account, and post, edit, or repost jobs and internships available at your organization. APU’s Career Network allows employers to request and receive resumes and online applications. For more information on recruiting students and graduates from Azusa Pacific University, click here.

Biola University:

Register as an employer on Biola University’s job portal, Biolalink, to get connected with job seeking Biolans! Biolalink provides employers a platform to post internship and jobs to students and Biola alumni as well as track applications and resumes. For more information on recruiting students and graduates from Biola University, click here.

Pasadena City College:

Pasadena City College provides two ways to post jobs and internships for its students. PCC has an online portal for job and internship recruitment, LANCERjobs. This portal is $20 for up to 30 days of use. PCC also has offline job posting for employers where jobs can be submitted via fax, email, and mail at no cost. Postings are placed in employment binders in the College’s career service center. Follow the steps below to submit job postings offline.

  1. Complete the Job Order Form and send to (626) 585-3355
  2. Email: yxdelapaz@pasadena.edu
  3. Mail: Pasadena City College, Attention: Yajaira De La Paz, Career Center, L 103, 1570 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91106

For more information on recruiting at Pasadena City College, click here.

California State University, Los Angeles:

Cal State LA offers multiple resources for employers to recruit students and graduates for jobs and internships. For free internship and job postings, Cal State LA offers Eagle iJobs, an online service that connects graduates and students with employers as well as provides information on career recruiting events. Click here to get started with Eagle iJobs! To learn how to post on Eagle iJobs, click here. For more information on recruiting at Cal State LA, click here.

Workforce Development Resources & Agencies

Fuller Seminary:

Fuller Seminary has an easy platform for employers to post jobs and internships. Click here to get started and post a job right away! For more information on recruiting from Fuller Seminary, click here.

Foothill Workforce Development Board:

Foothill Workforce Development Board is a service that provides business and employment services for all types of businesses. Services include access to job-ready candidates, screening and interviewing assistance, viewing candidates resumes online, workforce training, layoff assistance, business seminars, and online resources. To get started using all the resources Foothill Workforce has to offer, click here!

Job Sites

Reviews.com spent months researching to create an extensive guide to the most popular job sites. This resource is an additional tool to help your organization determine which sites will be the most efficient channels to post your open positions. Click here to take a look at their job site research.

There are multiple online outlets that can be used to post jobs and internships. Check out the links below to learn more!

  • Idealist: Create an organizational page to add or post jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Click here to get started!
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn goes beyond a simple networking tool and can be used to find interns and employees! Members on LinkedIn are frequently notified about jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities they may be interested in. Don’t miss out on recruiting the right employee, intern, or volunteer for you! Click here to get started with posting internship and job opportunities at your organization.
  • Volunteer Match: Volunteer Match provides a platform for nonprofits to connect with individuals passionate about a cause and looking to get involved. Click here to get started today by signing up your organization and getting connected with amazing volunteers passionate about your mission.
  • Internships.com: This online platform is available to all companies seeking paid and unpaid interns. It also provides resources to prospective interns looking to learn more about the job search process. Click here to post an internship available at your organization.
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